Hilda Ganki of ISEA presenting certificate to the winner of ISEA’s Green Craft Contest 2020, Msendoo Desire Aii

The diversity of the earth is being depleted at a very fast rate recently. For example, plastics and other wastes generated by humans find their ways into the soil, oceans and rivers, killing some terrestrial and aquatic life.

It was in a bid to finding innovative solutions to biodiversity preservation that ISEA launched the Green Craft Contest among young people in secondary schools in Nigeria, to inspire them to think of creative ways of reusing wastes, to prevent pollution and its effect on biodiversity.

The Green Craft Contest was an initiative of ISEA to celebrate World Environment Day (WED) 2020 which had the theme: “Celebrating Biodiversity.”

Two entries were received from 2 secondary school students from Benue State, Nigeria: Audu Ephraim Terkuma, an SSS 3 student of St Dominick’s High School Makurdi, and Aii Msendoo Desire, a JSS 1 student of Fountainhead Academy Gboko.

Ephraim used abandoned cable, polystyrene, and condemned slippers to produce a globe 🌏 world map, while Desire used discarded tyre, discarded plastic bottles and condemned ceiling to produce ISEA’s logo.

These entries were subjected to public votes on Facebook between 12:01 am, 4th June and 9:00 pm, 5th June 2020.

Globe world map produced by Ephraim
ISEA’s logo produced by Desire

At exactly 9:00pm on 5th June 2020, Ephraim and Msendoo got the following votes:

Audu Ephraim Terkuma – 622 votes
Aii Msendoo Desire – 708 votes

Having scored the highest number of votes, Aii Msendoo Desire was crowned ISEA’s Green Ambassador and given a cash prize of N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira). As a Green Ambassador, ISEA will use her pictures on her environmental campaigns and she will lead environmental awareness actions among her peers.

Audu Ephraim, who came second place was given a cash prize of N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira).

Anye Joshua of ISEA presenting certificate of participation to Audu Ephraim who came second place in the Green Craft Contest


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