Preventing the spread of COVID 19 in IDP camps in Makurdi

It is no longer news that unprecedented crisis has hit the world. The Coronavirus (COVID 19) which first emerged in China in late 2019 has spread like wildfire to more than 180 countries of the world. In Africa, over 4o countries have been affected with several positive cases and deaths recorded. Nigeria, like other African countries has confirmed several positive cases of Corona virus and has recorded several deaths.

While the Nigeria government is doing its best in its response to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is obvious that it is overwhelmed with work and requires support from different organizations and individuals. Some of the measures recommended by World Health Organization and the Federal Government of Nigeria to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are: restriction of movement and regular washing of hands among other preventive measures. It is however challenging for some communities to comply with the measure of regular washing of hands and maintaining high level of hygiene. These communities are the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps.

Many IDP camps across the country are devoid of hand washing facilities and the inhabitants of the camps are economically disadvantaged and will need support to prevent them from contracting the virus. This group of people are vulnerable and need attention to prevent community transmission.

It is in a bid of preventing community transmission of COVID 19 in IDP camps that ISEA, supported by The Pollination Project is intervening in the COVID 19 pandemic in IDP camps in Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria.

ISEA will provide hand washing facilities in IDP camps and teach the IDPs how to produce soap and hand sanitizers. Our intervention does not only respond to COVID19, but also to the economic needs of the IDPs after COVID 19 pandemic.


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